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Welcome to my website. Since you found your way here, it is highly likely that you love color! Or fabric! Or nature. Or all of the above. I do too --- and I would love to work with you. There is much to explore here, so enjoy!

There is a page for painted murals, and one for oil paintings. They cover works I have done for the past two decades. Feel free to contact me to discuss commissions or request estimates.

As for quilting, I find that designing and piecing-together a fabric project makes my world go 'round. When a client approaches me with an idea and asks me to carry it out in fabric, I am thrilled and honored.

Likewise, when someone chooses one of my pillowcases --- and delights in the colors as much as I do --- it is immensely gratifying to me. With pillowcases, I think it is love at first sight. That simple.

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